Pacific Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation | Our Programs
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Our Programs

At PHPCF we are focused on strengthening our community’s capacity to provide dignified, quality end of life care. Needs identified by the community help guide our funding decisions. Currently we support the following programs:


Patient and Family Assistance Fund

Fulfilling the needs of the hospice community is core to the foundations mission. The aim of the Patient and Family Assistance Fund is to provide assistance for hospice and palliative care patients that have demonstrated a financial need. Examples of support include: burial cost and cremation, covering medication unrelated to the terminal diagnosis, funding hospice care for the uninsured, transportation, utility costs, respite care, housing, food, general living expenses, etc.

Dream a Little Dream

A wish granted… A need fulfilled… A welcome surprise…
This program offers hospice patients the opportunity to fulfill a final wish. Through the Dream a Little Dream program, those faced with life-threatening illnesses are encouraged to put their prognosis aside, giving them the opportunity to experience the fulfillment of a life’s dream. PHPCF seeks to carry out its mission by fostering a sense of value, quality and meaning in the lives of those receiving hospice and palliative care.


Portraits of Love

Portrait sessions – Being surrounded by loved ones is important when facing the end of life. Although this can be a difficult and painful time for those involved, intertwined in these moments we can also find beauty, meaning, joy and deep reflections of love. This journey is a part of our life’s story and capturing these moments can serve as a lasting tribute and meaningful remembrance where family and loved ones are concerned.

Community of Caring

When a person is terminally ill the needs of the family or those who serve as a primary caregiver are often overlooked as all energy is focused on caring for the patient. Naturally, this can be a taxing time for any family. When looking after a terminally ill loved one, taking care of everyday tasks and managing a household can quickly become overwhelming. Recognizing the crucial importance of supporting those who serve as primary caregivers is the objective of this program. Examples of services provided include: meal, grocery and pharmaceutical delivery, housekeeping and gardening, assistance with errands, respite care, etc.


Dying Well

Conversations around the topic of death and dying can be difficult. In fact, it is a subject that we often avoid in our society. For many, dying is viewed as a medical experience rather than what it is: a human experience. As humans, each and every one of us will inevitably face death. At PHPCF, we believe that living well includes dying peacefully, in comfort and with dignity. As a result, we are committed to providing ongoing education to both the medical community and the community at large on the topic of end-of-life care and planning. Broadening the reach of palliative and hospice care holds tremendous benefits for those with chronic and life-limiting illnesses. The goal of both palliative and hospice care is to alleviate unnecessary suffering while caring for a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, empowering those faced with a life-limiting diagnosis to live as well as they can for as long as they can. Due to a lack of awareness and understanding, many people die without receiving the benefits of palliative care or hospice. Often they are subject to aggressive medical treatments and interventions that neither add to the quality or quantity of their lives. As a result, expanding awareness and understanding of the philosophy and value of palliative care and hospice is central to the fulfillment of the foundation’s mission.